Turkish VET from student pattern


VET is being promoted by various incentives and reform at the last 15 years  triggering by EU pre-accession term. MEGEP (a project ended 2006) is the largest motivation still and so far. Turkish mainstream VET is given formerly at the vocational and technical higshcools for 4 years. First 3 years all education courses (vocational and general) are delivered at the school and in the last year, student goes on the school for 2 days and 3 days on workplace. After finish, students can go to higher education or start working. A quite most of the students starts looking for a job, just because they can’t go futher academically.


The second stream for student lay thorugh apprentchip programs. Since highscools has been made obligatory from 2013, impermanent (on formal education) students have to be enrolled to VET open-learning or general open-learning system. In VET open-learning, general courses are delivered via open-sources, VET courses are at the school mostly evenings and weekends. In this way, a student can obtain same diploma with formal VET system.If student is enrolled to generel open-learning system, he/she can also go on apprenticeship programe together. After finish apprenticeship programe students obtain semiskilled or craft mastership certificate.


Turkish VET from adult pattern


An adult can go on directly apprenticeship at any age if he/she has primary education diploma. In apprenticeship system, a student or adult takes formal training for 1 day a week in centre (adult education centre or vocational education centre, not a vocational school), 4 days goes on workplace. After 3 years he/she can obtain semiskilled sertificate. After this stage he/she goes on only  workplace. After 3 years he/she can obtain craft-mastership certificate. To reach mastership lasts 6 years.


Apprenticeship certificates are accseptible at level 2 and level 3 in Turkish Qualification Framework (TQF). TQF is not functioned in VET education delivered by state.


All VET courses which are officially recognised are delivered by the state.


For more information about Turkish education system and VET, please write to: info@redvet.org.tr